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Excellent commercialization case
Creator "mydeyaaa" shot a script drama for Downy laundry detergent promotion. The video content cleverly combined with product features and product concepts. It established a connection with the product through a love story, which made an effective promotion.
The plot design of this script drama is romance drama. This style and content are more consistent with the preferences of the target users of the product. It can accurately attract potential consumers for the product and retain viewers through the ups and downs of the plot. The natural ad placement and exquisite shooting achieved 39.7k views and 2k interactions (including 1.9k likes, etc.).
Excellent short video case
The content is closely related to the current hot topic - the influence of the ex in a relationship and how to arrange spending between a couple.
Through the comparison of a female's two relationship experiences, it portrays the struggle and final growth of a woman who has experienced emotional damage in a new relationship. Keeping up with the current hot topic is easy to resonate and inspire the audience, so it has gained a lot of attention with 1.347 million impressions and over 7.7k likes.