with millions of video views
Excellent commercialization case
This is a promotional video produced by a talent for a pest control agent. The talent is from the food vertical, where 70% of the users are young and middle-aged people over 25 years old, with a balanced gender ratio. This user group has a strong demand for household products. Therefore, the creator's personal positioning and the needs of her followers are in line with the product. The video is carefully crafted, showing customers' needs in certain scenarios before introducing the product, and showcasing the product's features, way of use, and application in multiple scenarios.
The promotion turned out to be a great success, with more than160,000 impressions and 3,000 likes.
Excellent short video case
Integrating food production and an eating show, and catering to the current taste of young people and dessert trends, the video features the creative preparation of a novel dessert - chocolate red bean and banana pie. The video meticulously shows the preparation process of the dessert, which is both visually pleasing and practical. The food presentation at the end is also very tempting.
It's much favored by users, with over 3.54 million impressions and over 300,000 engagements, including more than 180,000 likes, 110,000 forwards and 5,000 comments.